by Dmitry Kats, PhD, MPH Protocol
by Dmitry Kats, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Academic-Tenured Publications)

For every 1 g flush niacin (immediate release nicotinic acid), combine 3 g l-glutamine, each preferably as pure powder mixed/dissolved into clean, COLD water* together (if capsules, bovine gelatin)

IMPORTANT! If as powder to be dissolved into an aqueous solution, l-glutamine should only be taken with cold (at very most, room temperature) liquids (e.g., mixed/dissolved together with flush niacin into ±5-10 oz clean water).

Even warm liquid can destroy glutamine.

Pure, good-quality l-glutamine should smell slightly sweet up-close and be tasteles.

Typically dose ~25 min after meals (up to three times daily as therapy) at the appropriate dose, which may need to reach 5 g flush niacin + 15 g l-glutamine but for most, in terms of doses for recovery, should gravitate (i.e., for an average adult with mass of 70 kg) anywhere between 1 g flush niacin + 3 g l-glutamine to 3 g flush niacin + 9 g l-glutamine. Likely, average adults, after a good few weeks to months feeling & being whilst thereafter maintaining 100%, may not even need to keep the floor of the above-quoted dose for therapy, which is usually the standard dose for an at least modest-level of therapy to start coming over a few days (but once 100%, many like to just keep it at 1 g flush niacin + 3 g l-glutamine as daily prophylaxis/anti-aging). Likely, the frequency can reduce some too, albeit, with how stressful modern life becomes, we will see we want to restore (i.e., take a dose) at least once every two days to keep our shoe shined. For instance, after a few months, maintaining 0.75 g flush niacin + 2.25 g l-glutamine every 1.5 days on average could become sufficient to maintain thermodynamic equilibrium (assuming no change in future conditions from the previous instance).

  • note: for pets, smaller children, or bigger individuals, take the subject’s mass in kg and divide it by 70 kg, and finally, multiply this quotient (e.g., 35 kg child would be 35 divided by 70 = 1/2) by the needed dose if this subject was in this same position but 70 kg (e.g., if moderately sick, a 70 kg adult might administer separate, individual doses of 2.5 g flush niacin + 7.5 g l-glutamine 1-3x daily for therapy (or higher, or might not even need this high but around there); nevertheless, as calculated above, 35 kg child who is moderately ill would take 1/2 * this or: 1.25 g flush niacin + 3.75 g l-glutamine).


* Too many bootleg products that may even poison you. For instance, THE WRONG FLUSH NIACIN PRODUCT (e.g., some even say “immediate release” but are not; &/or most are unwanted -cellulose capsule &/or invariably have some, ANY, & always awful filler, on top of the sawdust/silica capsule &/or coating so the actual “nutrient”), a “pharmaceutical grade” that completely dysregulates processing via some unknown patented filler, a patented product in general (on that note), or some off-brand only available on Amazon like but when it arrives, stinks of ammonia but “says” glutamine powder (despite even arrays of good comments in the reviews). Please heed my words here.


* As always, offers the BY FAR purest, BEST nutrients here. They are each linked below, with the links providing my affiliate code for 10% OFF (and more-expedited shipping in general as a favor) embedded into the url, so the price adjustment should show up at the checkout screen. If not, please manually enter it: DMITRYKATS. Given a product that provides the nutrients as a powder product offers by far the purest commercially available formulation and they exist in the case of these two nutrients needed, the fact that both flush niacin and l-glutamine are readily water-soluble, and that we want to deliver the nutrients together to optimize delivery, processing, and metabolism to in turn expedite recovery &/or benefit.

* Of course there are other options than PureBulk, but would you want to eat at Ruth’s Chris or Taco Bell for the same price pretty much and availability? Not only are the below-linked products the best-quality, but also they are pretty darn cheap too (especially with the extra 10% off) and now, more than ever, they deliver internationally & usually pretty expeditiously. I did you the favor of having to look around and with that, attaining not necessarily (even close to) the best product, which–I can assure you–will come into play here, especially when you need every drop & efficiency possible for more therapy and not have it impeded or even interfered by expidients in any way. This applies to living better for longer too, as if only diet had enough to not have you here (which you’re lucky to be, btw).

* Along with inferior products (there are still some good ones, but I would still make sure to check with someone who knows or just not get it, unless you know it is a pure powder or you want to take the contents out the what-will-invariably-be a vegetable (so -cellulose-containing aka sawdust/silica/plant fiber material that will impede delivery) capsule product each time), it is simply illogical to supplement/take any other supplements (except maybe folic acid at most, though it will not be needed with high enough dose of flush niacin + l-glutamine in the 1 g per 3 g mass ratio), over-the-counter drugs (OTCs), &/or prescription (Rx) drugs to interfere. They are not needed and will interfere, simply reporting per the truth. Of course, please consult with YOUR medical/health-care provider (as this is only dissemination of the information), but it is not just possible but READILY probable to come off even the hardest drugs cold turkey here with sufficient dose and health-related lifestyle forward. A proper health-related lifestyle includes primarily ensuring to take your cofactors: A WELL-BALANCED (LOOK IT UP IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS), SUFFICIENT-CALORIC-INTAKE DAILY (MULTIPLE MEALS A DAY PREFERABLY) DIET (MULTI-CUISINE!! ALL MACRONUTRIENTS!! DON’T SHORT &/OR OVER-DO ANY OF THEM… WELL-BALANCED!!) and … CLEAN WATER.

Flush Niacin (i.e., immediate release nicotinic acid)

Niacin (Vitamin B3) Immediate Release

^ PLEASE try to just get the powder product (i.e., “Bags”) OR powder + capsule (make sure bovine “gel caps” & not cellulose “veg caps”, which take longer to release/process the nutrient(s) down the tract = not ideal)



^ DITTO AS WITH FOR FLUSH NIACIN ^ PLEASE try to just get the powder product (i.e., “Bags”) OR powder + capsule (make sure bovine “gel caps” & not cellulose “veg caps”, which take longer to release/process the nutrient(s) down the tract = not ideal)

. . .

Almost lastly, you do not want to just drop random amounts of powder into water and mix/dissolve/chug. If you’re not illogical, you want to KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH OF EACH, particularly to preserve this 1 g flush niacin to 3 g l-glutamine mass ratio (e.g., if double that, 2 g flush niacin + 6 g l-glutamine). To be able to know that, you need a balance, i.e., a scale (i.e., to measure the mass, i.e., the Newtonian weight in g (i.e., grams)). Volumetric measurements are not just imprecise but highly inaccurate, and we want to make sure to preserve the ratio best forward and just always know how much we are actually taking lol… so below are some options for the best digital (either 0.00 g or even 0.000 g just to make super sure, and they’re cheap) available from PureBulk as well:

Precision scales for 0.000 g (i.e., 2.5 grams (g) flush niacin would be 2.500 g… 7.5 grams (g) l-glutamine would be 7.500 g):

Gemini-20 Digital Scale

AWS KF-5KG Digital Scale

(Relatively less) precise scales for 0.00 g (i.e., 2.5 grams (g) flush niacin would be 2.50 g… 7.5 grams (g) l-glutamine would be 7.50 g):

AWS-100 Digital Scale

AC-150 Digital Pocket Scale

And finally, optional (as one could just use a small spoon they already have to scoop the powder out the bag), just a set of regular measuring spoons to have something specific to use to scoop the powders out the bags. These spoons are not intended to be used to actually measure the amount of the powder needed but rather just to eye-guide you each time in a way (as you get more familiar to how much X amount is and know how much to scoop out each time more efficiently):

5 Piece Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set (1/8tsp, 1/4tsp, 1/2tsp, 1tsp. & 1Tbsp)

Thank you!


Please thoroughly review the official Protocol and more information below…

Please review thoroughly!
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