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Your donations are appreciated by HOM3OSTASIS, and by the collective public.  As we strive to push efforts forward to rigorously evaluate HOM3OSTASIS in randomized controlled trials and towards supporting the impact of what we hope to share with the world, funding is imperative for our growth and success:

Postal Contributions: HOM3OSTASIS, 1717 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20006

100% of the proceeds of store sales go to support HOM3OSTASIS as donations.

Thank you kindly for your help!  We are so very grateful to all our contributors and supporters who understand the importance of HOM3OSTASIS and the urgency to share worldwide to help all those in need.  All the best wishes for you and your health.

We are excited to announce our newly opened HOM3OSTASISstore where you can shop and support our lifesaving mission by gifting yourself or someone you love specialty HOM3OSTASIS items.  Every purchase is a gift that keeps on giving.

Kats is doing his best to reach as many lives as possible with a sense of urgency—here in the United States and worldwide.  To keep moving forward and grow requires that we secure enough revenue to continue working towards HOM3OSTASIS goals, boldly promote, and reach the global community.  Funds received by purchases go directly to fulfilling our mission to improve public health and help every life we can.  Thank you!